Wednesday, 1 February 2017

MLM Software: The Truth No One Ever Told You about Direct Sales

First of all, you need to know that Direct Sales is NOT Pyramid!
You may have never heard of direct sales, but I'm sure you know what it is.
Direct selling is a marketing model that moves products and / or services from the manufacturer to the end consumer through a network of independent resellers. I believe you know someone who resells door-to-door products, using catalogs for product presentation. Yes, this is a marketing model called Direct Sales. MLM Software
But it does not stop there, besides the direct sale being a channel of distribution and commercialization of products and services there is much to understand about this business model that every day consecrates its success in the market.
Growth during the crisis
In recent years the direct sales sector has been highlighting and demonstrating exceptional growth in Brazil and in the world. MLM Software
According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), the worldwide federation of direct sales associations. Only last year was nearly $ 184 billion the total number in marketing through direct sales.
In Brazil alone, direct sales recorded R $ 41.3 billion in turnover in the same year, according to ABEVD (Brazilian Association of Direct Selling Companies).
Indicates that even in the face of a complicated economic scenario, the result presented stability compared to 2014.
Direct selling system offers advantages for all involved
When it comes to direct sales, the advantages of this business model include everyone involved: Company, micro franchised, consumer and society, MLM Software in India.
·         Direct selling involves the most diverse sectors of the economy - from cosmetics and cleaning products to plastic food containers and nutritional supplements. And one of the great advantages for businesses is the potential to expand the geographic reach of their products;
·         Is a great alternative source of income, open to anyone regardless of gender, age, schooling or previous experience. Resellers also have the benefit of working on flexible hours, earning on a dedication basis, and developing personally and professionally;
·         The direct sale represents a personalized service that does not exist in the traditional retail;
·         Society - is a way of helping to minimize the unemployment problem, in addition to the opportunity to complement the family income, generating more wealth for the country.
Direct Selling is not Pyramid
You may have heard of financial pyramid. But let's try to explain. MLM Software in India Financial pyramid is a CRIMINAL scheme of commercial model that DOES NOT SELL ANYTHING or masks the inexistence of products or services charging for them values ​​much higher than those practiced in the market.
Direct selling SELLS products and / or services, generates and collects taxes and still has the guarantee of return or withdrawal of the business.

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