Thursday, 20 October 2016

World Internet Day: how the world has changed by Freelance app developers

On May 17 the World Internet Day is celebrated, and from Freelance app developers in New Zealand we celebrate analyzing how our society has become. Of course, the "real life" happens off-screen, but the truth is that we look at our mobile phone 150 times a day; let's subway, on the bus or are in a waiting room, and 95% of eyes turn downward, mobile or tablets. Yes, the Internet is ubiquitous and has been gaining ground in our lives so that now many would not know how to go back.

Internet revolutions

It has created a lifestyle based on the centralization of most of our activities around a device with Internet: social life, leisure, shopping, communications, sports, games, music, study, work ... Here are some examples:

Communication has become much easier and faster. With chats, video calls and instant messaging can be much more in touch with who we want. However, this advantage we add drawbacks: App development New zealand are experiencing the need to remain connected and available to others.

The information is more abundant and immediate than ever. The volume of data we manage from the birth of the Internet has grown immeasurably. We can see endless sources of information in real time. Anyone can become informer, opinionated or influencer, affect the reputation of a brand or institution. But equally, we are also all exposed to the "indiscretion" of a tuitero or a Facebook user bit careful.
Shopping online. Trade has experienced a giant revolution can buy for 24 hours a day from any place where we are. Shopping online is growing exponentially, as the number of e-commerce. Even when we do some physical buying, it is increasingly common that we get to trade after seeing on the Internet what we want, and have informed us in detail. Freelance web designer in New Zealand not conceive that a business does not have online store. It is as if all our buying decisions were already mediated by the Internet.
Social networking has changed the way we relate and something very important: the image we project of ourselves to others. Social networks help us start a friendship, to keep or to regain lost friends by time or distance. However, they can also remain permanently pending cultivate the image that we have created on the Internet, sharing our daily lives with others. For the same reason it has also greatly changed the concept of privacy. Web design company in New Zealand as a society open up new questions: how far should we share our lives? How to educate young people to make a correct and beneficial use of social networks? Undoubtedly, every technological breakthrough has positive aspects and shaded areas that deserve to be debated.
Love does not arise in the disco, but an app. Well, this is not always the case (not discouraged the Romantics), but an upward trend. Lack of time and the change in social relations, has proliferated these relationships.
We no longer physically curriculum businesses. The job search is now done much more online, through specialized professional platforms or social networks. In addition, there has been the possibility of telecommuting, working from home through the Internet. This last option is still a minority, but a cultural issue (face are very used to work).
How to study has also changed. We have the possibility of online training without physically attending classes, but through the so-called virtual campus.
Even public administration has incorporated Internet for the benefit of citizens (although this, in an infinitely slower pace than other areas we have discussed). If we want, we can make for example the statement of income without resorting to any physical headquarters of the Tax Agency.
SEO company in New Zealand have emerged new objects and others have disappeared. A few years ago, who could talk about the selfie stick, blogs or Big Data? And who could imagine that newspapers paper or cards would walk into his disappearance? IM passes over the telephone conversation; less and less money moves and more virtual cash transactions are made.
Selfie stick has experienced a boom

Thanks to the Internet, the way of life in recent years has changed a lot. If someone had slept in the 90s and had awakened in 2016, it would be a totally different world and should adapt much. By Artvisual, especially thanks Internet, for bringing us web design, mobile apps and development of online stores! We owe everything.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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Typical: buy something and days later you find it cheaper at another establishment. Well, the solution came; Onyougo is an app that shows the lowest prices by simply scanning the barcode of the product with your Smartphone.

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"According to our studies have detected an average discount of 27% on the price of the physical store of any kind of product," says its founder, Daniel Rodriguez Arias.

Onyougo also has a website, which continues to operate and is a success in countries like China and the United States. At the end of 2014 they began to develop App to make it more useful and accessible, and which have already been scanned more than 40,000 products.

For now only available for Android. Your iOS version will be available within a few weeks. The App is free.

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