Monday, 13 February 2017

MLM Software in India: MLM Software and Pyramid

Multilevel Marketing History
Multilevel Marketing is a business modality practiced for more than 30 years in Brazil, and in the United States today is one of the biggest activities generating Extra Income or Principal for people of diverse sectors and segments and also for Housewives Mainly.

With its origins in the USA, this model of system was consolidated in the 40's, where it passed several cycles, adapted to different moments of the world economy and spread to different countries.
In Brazil, there are several already consolidated business models based on this format and today it is the main professional activity (in some cases, the only one) of many people.
THE DIFFERENCE: Multilevel Marketing X Financial Pyramid
Multilevel Marketing
There is a viable product with competitive price or attractive commercial utility.
There is no viable product. If it exists it is much more expensive than the competition.
The marketer must prove that he has been able to resell to the end consumer.
The consumption is given only by who is also a reseller. There is no end consumer.
The Company guarantees the repurchase of the products, to avoid the accumulation of stocks in the chain.
The repurchase of the products is not guaranteed, which would avoid the accumulation of stocks.
The Company makes more propagated products than the profits that the reseller can get.
There is more propaganda of the profits that the marketer can get than of the product itself.
The Company collects taxes.
The Company does not collect taxes.
There is no entry fee, or it is not critical to the company's sustainability.
The entry fee exists and is the main source of revenue for the company.

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