Monday, 13 February 2017

App Development in New Zealand: New Forms of Link Building (Part III)

Link building techniques that no longer work
Most link building techniques that used to work before do not anymore. Below, we list all the techniques you should not use and, if you use them, you should do so with reservations.

·         Article directories have lost their former effectiveness. Now only those who during all these years have followed some minimum criteria of quality, for example, to review the contents before publishing them censuring those sites of dubious morality (casinos, sexual and so on). Even so, the guest blogging will be preferable in a site where the theme is the same as that of our website.
·         The tools that allow you to create thousands of links in a matter of hours. Remember, the premium quality over quantity?
·         Blogs networks. Many pages, in order to gain authority, are allied with others by exchanging links in fixed areas of the page like the footer or the sidebar. In addition to this strategy is not natural (hundreds of links are created from a single domain pointing to a single page with anchor text identity) Google is increasingly able to detect these blog networks.
·         Buying links ... with nuances. At the moment there is no problem in terms of SEO in buying a link as long as it is of quality (press release etcetera). The problem arises when buying thousands of links of dubious quality?
·         Spam in comments on blogs. There is absolutely nothing to write a comment on another platform adding value and linking to your site, the problem is created when thousands and thousands of spam comments are automated with identical texts.
·         It flee from the link farms, they no longer work and can be very damaging.
 In short, the link building continues to work, but must follow a strategy carefully prepared and executed always chase quality. So knowing the main techniques of search engine marketing will help you optimize your results.
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