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Strengths of the hybrid unilevel plan, mlm software in Delhi

Strengths of the hybrid unilevel plan mlm software
Because it allows for many variations, companies can create a completely customized Compensation Plan. Mlm software in Delhi
It is good to understand in multi level companies
Most of people is aware about unilevel plan in world and it is easy to run in market Mlm software in Mumbai
User can joint easily and start doing marketing in unilevel plan

Disadvantages of the hybrid unilevel plan: Mlm software in Jaipur
Distributors usually get a completely different result than expected. In this case the company should spend more time training and training its distributors on the details of their Compensation Plan.
Distributors are frustrated when they see that a plan that seemed easy turns out to be a rather complex plan.

In India it is very difficult to understand and much time it won’t work properly in India, MLM Software in India

Compression point in unilevel plan
It is a mechanism for disregarding distributors who have not qualified or who are inactive when the payment cycle is performed, so that Uplines are paid only for active levels (Active Distributors). The objective of Compression is to pay all available commissions and avoid the "Breakage", mlm software, mlm software in india

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Explain some of those elements that can be added to the uninval basic plan (part 1)

Explain some of those elements that can be added to the uninval basic plan

1. Quick start bonds:

A "fast start commission" is paid for a specific amount of product sold to a new distributor within the first few months of registration, or is paid once for a predetermined quantity of product purchased by each new entrant, MLM Software in Bangalore

For example, in beauty products, the fast-start commission is usually a percentage of the product sold by the new recruiter in his / her first months. This commission is paid additionally to the Uni Level, MLM Software in Bangalore

On the other hand, in subscription products, such as life insurance, the "quick start commission" is usually paid only once, as a fixed amount for the new recruit, MLM Software in Bangalore

The purpose of the "quick start commission" is to pay a high commission on the first sales of the new recruits or for the successful registration of a new customer, MLM Software in Hyderabad.

If your forte is sales, the "quick start commission" will be very useful. But if it is not strong on sales, consider better join a forced matrix plan, which offers the advantage of Spill-Over, MLM Software in Hyderabad. User can more read about UNINVAL BASIC PLAN on Google or get MLM Software in Hyderabad.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Hybrid Compensation Plan in MLM Software

Theory and Practice of the Unified Hybrid Compensation Plan

The structure of a basic unilevel plan consists of an Unlimited Width (ie a Distributor may sponsor an Infinity Number sponsored on its Front Line) and a Finite Depth. (The Distributor may obtain commissions of a finite number of levels in his or her organization. Downlines). This depth limitation encourages distributors to build across, Delhi MLM Software.

The disadvantage of building an organization that is too broad is that Distributors who are members of the front line will lose the individual attention of their "Sponsor", because due to the high number of Frontals it will be very difficult to lead, administer, encourage and help develop the Business to their sponsored, Delhi MLM Software.

One great advantage of this compensation plan is that it is easy to explain to prospects.
The main characteristic of a uni-level compensation plan is that each dealer that qualifies, will be made the payment of commissions associated with each level of the structure, Mumbai MLM Software That is to say that each percentage of commission varies according to the level where the sale is made (Commission by level), in addition each percentage remains invariable for each specific level. A All distributors are paid the same commission percentage on sales made at each level of their Downlines.

With this type of plan, everyone will remain a distributor, regardless of sales results and recruiting. In this type of Plan there are no Ranges. The plan uses only one type of commission, the commission per level, Mumbai MLM Software.

Generally, the percentage oscillates around 5% of the sales volume in each level of the Downline.

At present you will not find a company that uses the Uni-level Compensation Plan in its purest form. Most of the Uni-level plans that we know today are actually a mix of the Uni-Level Original Plan with elements of other Compensation Plans, thus forming the "Hybrid Unity Level" Compensation Plan, Mumbai MLM Software.

In other words, the Uni-level Plan is usually the backbone and then other commissions such as Fast Start Bonuses and / or Bonus Pool are added to increase the income to the Distributors.

Some elements added to the Uni-Level Original Plan are:

• Commissions Fast start (Fast Start Bonuses)
• Ranges
• Pool Bonuses (Leadership Funds)
• Infinity Commissions (Bonos al Infinito)
• Compression
• Lifestyle bonds (cars, houses, travel)

Once it becomes a Hybrid Unilevel Plan, it may no longer be so easy to explain to prospects, because the additional elements make the Plan much more complex and extensive to explain, Delhi MLM Software.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

NEW ZEALAND App Development: 7 Secrets Every Company Should Know

If your company has a physical location and you want to attract potential clients located near your business, local SEO positioning, you are interested. Having done the "duties" to achieve a good SEO position does not lead to a good local SEO.
If you get a good local positioning of your web you will have two additional prizes:
·         Appear twice as much on Google search results as organic results and on the "thumbtack map".
·         Better positioning in mobile searches: the "thumbtack map" appears ON the organic results in a mobile.
So, if you've never paid attention to the local SEO, it's time to do it.
To optimize your local SEO position well, there are some important elements in which you have to concentrate.
7 Elements for Local SEO Positioning
1. Always use the same NAP
NAP stands for: name, address and phone (name, address and phone number).
For Google to consider your local business you must have:
·         A name.
·         A physical address (not a postal address or a shared address).
·         A phone number including the local area code.
If the contact details (NAP) appear on different pages within your website it is VERY IMPORTANT that they are always exactly the same. NEW ZEALAND App Development
You should also use the same NAP, when you log out of any local directory. In fact it is important that you check that your business appears with the same name, address and telephone number in the main local directories.
2. Include the name of your city or province
·         You must add the city or province in several places:
·         In the Meta tag title: It is one of the most important places where to include information about city / province. Your business could appear in local rankings just because of this.
·         In the Meta tag description: Including city / province information can greatly increase the click through rate for local search results.
·         In the header H1: In any heading that you have in the page, it is important to include the information on city / province.
·         In the URL: Create a page in your web that includes the information of city / province in the URL.
·         In content: Clearly, it is important to include city / city information in your content.
·         In the labeling (Alt Label) of the images: Most local businesses do not use alternative text in their images. Make sure you have alternate text in all your images, and that you include city / province information in your alternative text.
3. Optimize your page in Google My Business
Google My Business is the new platform to manage our local business from a single tool, fully integrating Google Places and the Google Plus (Local) company page. NEW ZEALAND Website Development You can access the new tool either from Google Places or from your business profile in Google Plus. The integration is complete and we no longer differentiate one tool from another. If you were already registered in either of the two, when you log in will appear the new Google MY Business platform. You can also create simple, easy-to-integrate ads using Ad words Express, automating these through Google's locally focused advertising platform
Finally, if your business has multiple locations, you should sign up for each location, ie create a Google My Business account by location.
4. Get reviews / comments
Reviews are a fundamental part of Local SEO. If we want to be among the top positions of the "thumbtack map", one of the factors that takes into account the algorithm of Google are reviews with a good rating (4 or 5 stars). FREELANCER App Development
It's also important to have lots of good reviews to increase the conversion rate of views on clients since now that Google shows reviews that appear within the "thumbtacks" list in a single drop-down menu, users will read your reviews before viewing any other information about your business.
Google allows you to offer incentives or discounts to your customers in exchange for them writing a review on your Google+ business page.
5. Includes an Embedded Google Map
Include an embedded Google Map on your website, but make sure you do it correctly. Do not just embed a map that indicates your address, you have to embed a map in which your "thumbtack" appears, ie include your Google+ (Local) company page. FREELANCER Website Development
6. Register your business in local directory
Google expects local businesses to have NAP information on certain websites (Google Spain, eInforma, Axexor, Yelp Spain, QDQ, Yelp, etc.), so if you are not registered in these directories or information about your data (NAP) is incorrect, this can negatively affect how your business is positioned. Very important to always appear exactly with the same NAP.

WELLINGTON Website Development

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Each company creates its own Rules and implements them in its Compensation Plan. These Rules will define; The company's mission, structure, growth mechanisms and payment qualifications to its Distributors. MLM Software The company will compete with other companies through its Compensation Plan. And through the results in Growth (Recruitment of Out of Sales) and Strength (Sales) will test the effectiveness of the Compensation Plan which will mark the success or failure of the company.

Here are some questions that are important to consider when hiring a Multilevel Sales Software for your company, MLM Software in India

Can most of the company's Compensation Plan rules be implemented in the MLM Software?

How flexible is Multilevel Software to modify key parameters in order to better fine tune the company's Compensation Plan?

Does the MLM Software in India allow you to configure the "Range Advance Rules" and the "Qualification Rules" for Commission Payment?

Does MLM Software handle much of the functionality described in this article?

Do the Multilevel Enterprise Software developers offer the company's Compensation Plan personalization service?

What percentage of the Company's Compensation Plan can be implemented in the Network Marketing Software without having to hire a Personalization?

Can the Marketing Network Software developer allow me to clearly specify the details of the company's Compensation Plan before beginning the MLM Software in India MLM System hiring and installation process?

New Zealand app development 3 steps to not lose you

If you are going to create or renew the web with content and you want to know how to write texts that sell and generate clients follows step by step the tips summarized in this article from one of the greatest experts in copywriting. New Zealand app development

Tip to implement these steps and get your web texts to sell
Write texts that sell
• Create a page with the sales arguments of your main product or service, following the 3 steps that we show you below. Then you will include it where best fit your website. New Zealand website development Surely it will not all go to the same page.
• Check the texts of your written marketing material or the sales pages of your website by reviewing the 3 steps, correcting and adding what is necessary.
3 steps to writing texts that sell
1. Clear and direct title
Write texts that sell the components for a perfect headline are:
Result obtained by the client + Concrete time + Reply to the objections.
Example: "Send flowers anywhere in Europe + in less than 24h + without postage".
You do not need to always use all three components. The first is almost always essential: to mention the result. Your client is not interested in what your product or service is or what your service or service is, but what it can do for them.
Tips: The purpose of the title: that your client read the second line. Be clear. Not witty. Clarity is persuasive. Write for a person, one by one, not the people in general.
 2. Mention the problem
Explain the problem using the client's words. They will feel understood and encourage you to continue reading.
Examples: "Have you tried all the diets and you do not get to lose weight?", "No matter how hard you try, you do not get results on the Internet?" New Zealand SEO
 Tips: If you are able to describe the problem better than your own customers, you will unconsciously assume that you have the solution.
If you are not able to solve a specific problem, it is useless to get people to pay.
 3. Present your solution
Fill in the spaces in brackets with the formula: [Product / Service Name] helps you with [Task]. Say goodbye to [Frustration / Problem] and hello to [Benefit]. You will get [1,2 or 3 major benefits].
With this formula you have a 10-second elevator pitch for your product or service. Unconsciously your customers will trust you because you are concise and clear. Give your customer information so you have to say "I want to know more about this product / service":
- This course will help you succeed with your book. Say goodbye to your block as author and hello to: write and publish your book fast, sell many books and promote you professionally.
- International Contracts provides you with a contract without having to go to a lawyer. You can legalize your international operation with a contract ready to use.
- Survey Monkey helps you create and distribute surveys quickly with just a few clicks.
Tips:  Use the language and terminology of your clients. Write solutions, not characteristics of the product / service.
Wellington SEO

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MLM Software in Chennai and INVENTORIES function in MLM software

The MLM System should facilitate the organization of the inventory to accurately inform the availability of items in stock. This information is crucial when ordering online,  The accuracy of this information will ensure the immediate delivery of orders, increase sales and promote the loyalty of the sales representative with the company, MLM Software in Chennai.


The MLM System must be designed to handle double-byte characters, multiple currencies, MLM Software in Kolkata and multiple languages. You must also manage multiple tax structures, multiple methods of product distribution, before presenting your business in the international markets, MLM Software in Kolkata.

India MLM Software

The good headline: how to write it to attract readers

Are you in front of a sublime text but do not know how to title it to attract readers? Dear friend, welcome to the most widespread problem in the world of writing: what title I put my text. In this post you will find tips and examples of a good holder.
Sometimes it is easy for us to write a text that is rich in content and with which we have been satisfied. However, the first thing you see in Liverpool app development text is the headline and, if it is not good, no one will continue reading our post.
To write a good headline is essential to speak the language of the audience. We have to know our target audience well and address them in a close and direct way.
Another important aspect is the length of the holder. As in almost everything in Social Media, the shorter is the better. In this way we will achieve two things: the first to make our message arrive in a clear and direct way to the readers; on the other hand, to appear the full title in Google should not exceed 60-70 characters. Therefore, brevity will be a good ally.
Also, since we are talking about Google, it is very important that Liverpool websitedevelopment or its keywords appear in the headline, so Google can "read" what is important for your post and how it should be positioned.
Finally, remember that users will reward you for being original, do not repeat yourself and try to surprise.

Examples of good headlines:

• How + and: How to get a good job and earn more money
• How + what: How to have a mortgage that saves money
• How + I: How I improved my blog in an afternoon

• Do you recognize the 7 best marketing tools?
• 10 ways to sell the high cost of living
• 5 typical problems in the company

 Blank holes:
• Who else wants _____ ?: Who else wants to learn how to cook fast?
• The secret of _____: The secret of the good Community Manager
• Here is the method that is helping (who) _____ to (do something) _____: The method that is helping the unemployed to find work

Additional features:
• Give me three minutes and I will make you the best blogger
• If you do not make your website you will regret it later
• Do you recognize the 7 symptoms of depression?

Finally, LiverpoolSEO should not promise more than they can offer later.

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Social Media Resources to save lot of time

If you are in front of your Social Media strategy for the first time ... read on. Social Media is a relatively new tool for most businesses. This means that when you start building Social Media strategy for your business, you start from scratch. In addition, this task is likely to take a lot of effort, and also time consuming. To save that time, here are three Social Media resources to save App Development Company Auckland time in creating your strategy.

#1. Template: Social Media Strategy
Before launching yourself to open profiles in social networks it is important that you create a social media strategy. That is to say, your strategy must answer a series of basic questions like what we want to achieve with our profiles, what we want to communicate to our followers, where I want to reach with the profiles of social networks ... It is essential to be clear our objectives and goals, since the Using social networks without a clear goal will be more like flipping blindfolds.

To save time in creating this strategy Website design company Auckland can use this template to guide you in your daily online activities. Answer the questions by thinking about your own company to establish what your goals are, how to reach them and how to measure your success.

The social media template teaches you how to:
• Setting our goals in social networks
• Check the digital presence of the brand act
• Improve our social profiles
• Develop our content strategy

#2. Template: Plan of activities of social media
A well organized social media activity plan to be carried out with a daily, weekly and monthly frequency will help you to maximize the time and effort you dedicate to the management of the contents in social networks and the blog.
The template you can download and which we show you below can be used to organize your social media activity. It is a template for entrepreneurs and SMEs designed to manage your activity in the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and YouTube and of course your blog. If you use other social networks, like Instagram, Pinterest, SlideShare, etc, you can add them to this template.
We suggest in the template a minimum dedication time for each task. It is a guiding time that SEO service in Auckland must adjust to your business, goals and audience.

#3. Image sizes of social media profiles
Our profiles in social networks are the window where to generate a first impression to the user. How we design and optimize these profiles will be essential to create a good impression. For this, it is important that we strive to create images that fit perfectly with the measures recommended for each network.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Freelance app developers in Espoo to create Social Media Plan

When we face a difficult challenge to achieve many times we feel completely overwhelmed. And if you've thought about creating a Social Media plan for the first time, you probably feel that way: you know what you want to do and why; you have seen others climb the mountain of Social Media and the benefits they have gained, and you also want to get there.
If you need a Social Media plan, start here. Let's split the plan into six parts:

#Pass 1. What social media do I use?
No social network is the same as another. It seems that they are all very homogeneous and that communicates in the same way, but the reality is not so. Each social network is unique and has its own style, its own audience and even its own best practices.
 Therefore, you should spend time choosing which network or networks fit best, and this will depend on two factors:
- The goals and objectives you want to achieve in the Social Media plan
- In which network or social networks is your customers and target audience more present
 Before choosing, we show you some differences of the main social networks:

• Facebook:
It is the most important network by volume of users, and that is why it is full of companies that want to reach them. Facebook users are very diverse. Before it was a social network full of young people, nevertheless, the majors are becoming their hollow in this network and using it almost daily. In addition young people, seems to be the current trend, increasingly give up Facebook: do not rely on the privacy conditions of the Zuckerberg network and are opting for other alternatives such as Instagram. Finally, if your customers are other companies (Business to business) we do not recommend this network. If your customers are final consumers (Business to consumer) yes.
Today, probably for Facebook you get results you will need to hire advertising. It is your strong point, since it can focus a lot on the niche of people to whom Facebook will direct your ad.

• Twitter:
Twitter is especially attractive to companies and has also become the main channel of communication with the customer, where they want to be attended to as soon as possible. In addition to being a channel of customer service can be very useful to create brand image and communicate directly with the consumer. It is the best channel where we listen to our public and relate to him.

• Linkedin:
It is a business oriented website where you can create and extend your network of professional contacts. Linkedin allows you to find a job, workers, service providers ... If you want to create a page of Linkedin for your company, think well if it is worth the time and effort that you will use in this network. Registration is not enough: the contents must be updated periodically. For SMEs it is advisable that you act in this professional network not only as a company but also with personal profiles.
No social network is the same as another. Therefore, you should spend time choosing which network to be in.

• Instagram:
The network that is growing the most, both by number of users and by use. It is a completely visual network where the image has become the queen of content. If an important part of your business is the image, sign up. It is something like Twitter but with images. It is important in this network to use hastags.

• Google+:
Despite the efforts of Google, this social network has not finished curdling among the population. However, it costs nothing to share your content here from time to time, as it will help the SEO of your website.

• Youtube:
Video is content that is optimized before it is text (since there is less competition) and converts more (generally, people are predisposed to spend more time watching a video than reading a text). If you want to position videos, your network YouTube. Post video tutorials, explain things that your company is dedicated to ... In short, share a content with your community that is useful and solve some problem.

• Foursquare:
 The most important social network of geolocation. If your company is a physical business register and promote through it discounts or offers.
There are other aspects to keep in mind that can help you choose which network or social networks are the most effective for your business, one that can help you attract customers and prescribers for your business.
The first of these is time. In this post you can see three resources to save time in Social Media. The second important aspect is your resources and ask yourself: do I have the necessary resources to create images for Instagram ?, do I have the resources to record video tutorials for Youtube ?. Finally, and almost the most important aspect, is to check where your target audience is. If your audience never uses Instagram, why waste time and effort in creating there?

• Text with hook aimed at our target audience:
The main area to personalize is the bio. You must create a biography that is professional and you can write it by answering this question: what is there that I can offer to the visitor? On the other hand, do not forget to be personal and close.

• Optimization of the profiles for positioning
You have to very carefully select the main keywords that are identified with your business. Those keywords should incorporate them in all your social profiles. For example, if the main keywords of your business are: "wedding photographer madrid", incorporate them: in the heading of your personal profile and company in Linkedin, and in the biography of Twitter, Facebook and / or Instagram.

# Step 3. What is my tone of communication?
Once you have chosen your networks and have filled them in full you will think that you can start writing. Wait, not yet !. Before you start writing you must have one thing very clear: what will be your tone of communication ?. You can ask yourself questions like this:
• If my brand was a person, what would it be like?
• If my brand was a person, what would be the relationship with the client?
• What is and is not my company?
• How do you want your consumers to think of your company?

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Freelance app developers in Austria and Email marketing keys

In the subject of email marketing there are some challenges that we face each day: how to get new leads, when to send the mails ... However, there is a problem feared by all: that mark us as spam. Here you will find 6 simple keys that you can apply to your email marketing campaigns to avoid being marked as spam.

#1. Call the reader by name
It is already known by all that the more personalized a better mail. And what better way to personalize our email marketing campaigns than to call the recipient by name. In this way, who receives the email will feel much more connected with you, and will be grateful to call you by name.

 #2. Make it short
When you send your email marketing campaigns you must be clear and direct. The longer your boring email will appear to the recipient and the more likely you will not read the full email. Summarize your mail between 3 and 8 lines, as it is enough space to explain the purpose of your email.

 #3. Beware of images
Although we know several e-mail servers like Yahoo or Outlook, the quintessential king is Gmail. And Gmail, like almost everything that belongs to Google, has its own rules. It is not known why, Google translates the images as a sign that the email is spam or that you are trying to promote something. So if your email is based only on images it is likely that Gmail will automatically send you to the "Promotions" tray. Therefore, even though the emails are much more flashy with images, avoid adding too many. In addition, you run the risk that the image is not seen correctly, so it will be a lost email and also likely to annoy the recipient.

 #4. Do not overwhelm with many links
Generally, our sending of emails has a single purpose: to carry traffic to the web, to generate a sale, to write us a comment ... But although we want all at once, we must choose a single objective.

Explain the reasons why they should click on that link and what will be the benefit they will get. If we overwhelm with too many links the receiver will be lost and probably will not end up doing the action you hoped for.

Also, returning to Gmail, if you perceive that your mail is loaded with links may be marked as "Promotion."

 #5. Avoid the RSS readers
As the automatic RSS readers, Google branded them automatically as promotions, because they understand that that email is not being sent by a real person and, therefore, does not have the right to reach the main inbox.

 # 6. Do not be aggressive selling
Although the ultimate purpose of your email is to provoke the sale ... Beware. If you are very aggressive trying to convince that they buy you can pass two things:

- First, let Google detect it, so it will automatically take you to "Promotions".
- Second, and worse than the previous, that the user is the one who sends you to the spam folder, which is probably impossible for you to come out again.



For a distributor to manage your business, it is important that you have the following information;

The genealogy of your Downlines, this information must be stored on the Company's server and not on the distributor's computer, MLM Software in India.
Be able to track the sales and recruitment of new distributors in their downlines during the qualification period to compare them with commission payment requirements, ML MSoftware in India
The Web Tools will allow you to visualize this information in real time and must be available to the sales force to enable them to successfully manage their business, MLM Software in India

These tools include:

Real-time access to the "Sales Volume" and "Personnel Recruitment" numbers in the current qualification period, MLM Software in India
Order Entry (individual orders)
Party Plan Entry, MLM Software
View of the Genealogy of Descending Line.
Commissions Information and Personal Statistical Reports.
Incentive Information and Points Earned, MLM Software
Personal web site of the Distributor, to allow Sell, Recruit and publicize the business opportunity to its prospects, MLM Software, MLM Software

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Freelance app developers in UK Content Marketing

Do you run out of ideas to write on your blog? In this post we show you 6 steps to identify topics relevant to your content marketing strategy.
When we were faced with the problem of not knowing what to write about, we were able to get out of the way by writing about industry trends, talking about a new product or even commenting on breaking news. However, these resources are not infinite. It is also necessary to do marketing content that is not only useful, but what really interests our customers and followers.
We reveal 6 questions that you must answer to identify the most relevant content for your audience.

#1. What are your most popular posts ?:
A good way to know what your audience is interested in is checking which posts have visited the most and which have been the most shared on social networks. You can use Google Analytics or Google Web Masters Tools to help you find this information. In Google Web Master Tools you can see the posts of your blog sorted according to visits. During a maximum period of the last 90 days. (If you are not registered in this great tool, maybe it's time to do it!).
To take into account also your most popular social networking posts, use: Social Crawlytics. This tool will tell you which of all your posts have been the most viral and most times have been shared.
Then, to organize yourself, make an Excel with a list of the 20 best posts you have selected after this search and add the following information: post title, URL, number of visits, number of conversions, length of visit and number shared in social networks.

#2. What are the most popular posts in your competition?
On the other hand, it also analyzes what has happened with the posts of your competition. Although to analyze this you will not have access to complete analyzes, you can check the most shared post in social networks by browsing their blogs. You can use Open Site Explorer to analyze the data of your competition. This tool shows us, according to the "authority" parameter, which is the authority of our domain in a ranking of one to one hundred. In addition, it also tells us what are some interesting external links or what is the most visited page of our link.

#3. What topics interest your followers on Twitter?
Another important aspect to identify topics that interest your community is to check what content has been the most shared among your followers. To know your audience use Followerwonk. This tool analyzes all your followers telling you where they live, what time they are most active or the words that are repeated in their bios.

#4. Who are the influencers of your sector and what do they share?
Once identified the previous point, identify who are the most influential users in your topic and check what kind of content they share. For this you can use Twtrland. This tool, in addition to analyzing your own Twitter account shows you who are the most influential people depending on the topic you choose.
In the "Influencers" tab you can check who are the most influential users and compare what they share with your content. Are they similar topics? What format do they use most: video, image, text or graphics?
This is what appears when we click on the "Influencers" tab. At this point, choose the topic (s) that interest you to show you the results. As in this image, where we have chosen the word "Marketing" and these are the results that have returned us:

#5. What are the most viral contents of your sector?
Now you can identify which have been the most popular pieces in social networks on a specific topic. You can organize these results in different topics and categories by searching for it in Buzzsumo. In this tool you enter the keywords on the topic that interests you and inform you about the most shared in social networks on that topic.
In this example, the most shared post on social networking on "digital marketing" is a post from Merca20 talking about the 5 marketing lessons taught by Disney. With this data you can get an idea of ​​the type of content and format that is most successful according to the themes.

# 6. What doubts does your audience have?
Another interesting resource for your content marketing strategy is to find out what doubts your audience has. For this, you can, as a first step, write on Google "doubts about topic X". Search forums that have to do with your topic and check what users are asking.
A very useful resource is to ask directly to your community (via Twitter or email, for example) about what they want the next post, or if there are any issues they miss. For this you can use, for example, Survey Monkey. This tool allows you to create online surveys quickly and easily.
In this image you can see the Survey Monkey desktop. Once registered, just click the "Create Survey" button and follow the steps indicated.
Compare your most popular posts with the most successful of your competitors, identify what format has been (text, infographics, video, list, slides ...), what type has been published (guide, news, webinar, report ...) And also when they have been published.
Last but not least, evaluate your possibilities and resources. Before deciding the new topic for your post ask yourself two questions. The first is if with that post you are going to solve some problem or doubt that my audience has. If the answer is yes you can ask the second question: do I have the necessary resources to address this issue? We cannot talk about programming if we do not know how to program.

Sunday, 1 January 2017



In the Network Marketing industry, there are a number of special issues in the subject of order processing in MLM Software.

Automatic recurring orders:
Usually nutritional product companies provide the "automatic monthly orders" service to distributors and customers. This option will be enabled for those who wish to be sent their order permanently each month, MLM Software in Ahmedabad, MLM Software in Ahmedabad, MLM Software in Ahmedabad.

End of Month Transactions:
Most compensation plans are based on a monthly payment cycle, the requirements of "personal sales volume" are expressed in terms of "monthly sales volume". Due to the monthly requirements, Multilevel Business Software must support the load of transactions that are generated just before the end of the qualification period (end of month), as it is at this moment when distributors are working at full speed to achieve Your Sales Volume quotas, MLM Software in Chennai, MLM Software in Chennai, MLM Software in Chennai.

Special accounting matters:
In the Network marketing industry it often happens that once a purchase order is registered, it must generate the respective commissions regardless of the order's shipping status. For example, an order that registers on July 31 will be commissioned in July, even though the order is delivered to the buyer in August. In the Accounting part, the company records the sale in the month of August, since it is in that month in which the sale is made, that is to say at the moment the order is delivered to the buyer, MLM Software in Indore, MLM Software in Indore, MLM Software in Indore.

Order Processing for PARTY PLAN:
The "Party Plan" companies have special software requirements, in addition to those mentioned above. A "Fiesta" or "Sample" occurs when a sales representative (Distributor) makes an agreement with a "hostess" who is willing to invite friends or family members to their home to perform a group demonstration of the company's products, MLM Software in Chennai, MLM Software in Chennai, MLM Software in Chennai.

The Sales Representative will train the "Hostess" to maximize the attendance of people and to create an optimum sales environment. The "host" is motivated by prior agreement to receive free and / or discounted products when she registers her purchase order during the "Fiesta" or "Sample". The group nature of this business model requests the Software for Sales by Multilevel special requirements that will be considered next:

Group Orders:

During the "party" or "sample", the sales representative (distributor) receives the individual orders of each customer, along with the "host" order. These orders must be entered into the system as a "group order" because they are all related to each other, plus it is the convenient way to calculate the Rewards of the Hostess and the commissions of the sales representative (sales profits), MLM Software In India.

To whom should the order be despatched?
Companies must choose between dispatching individual orders to each customer, or dispatching everything in a single shipment to the "Hostess" or the "Sales Representative". The choice usually depends on the shipping costs, the complexity of the delivery, the confidence in the Hostess to deliver the complete orders and on time. Sending the order to the Sales Representative will allow an adequate follow-up of the customers, and ensure the delivery of the orders to each one of them. However, it will also increase the time that the distributor has to invest in each "Fiesta" or "Sample". Hence your costs will also increase (time, transportation costs, etc.), which will reduce your hourly earnings. As a consequence, the "retention" of the sales representatives in the company will be harmed. The Multilevel Software must allow you to enter into the group order, the date, Best MLM Software has all quality.